The Art of Living Together 

The Art of Living Together is my signature collection of textile art and surface designs. The first launch exists of limited-edition tufted and woven tapestries and a MINI rooftop design. The artworks are conceptually and visually translating my fascination for evolution and the natural phenomenon of symbiosis. The interaction between different species is emphasized through the correlation of the geometric and the organic, the abstract and the detailed, the digital and the tactile, the East and the West, the North and the South, and the old and the new. Dissimilar worlds that smoothly collide, interact and enforce each other. For the 3 handtufted tapestries I collaborated with Spanish rug brand nanimarquina and their Indian craftsmen, and for the Jacquard tapestries with Dutch textile company EE Exclusives. One of the artworks I translated into a limited-edition rooftop print for MINI, perfectly matching their BIG LOVE campaign. The tapestries are presented at the group exhibitions of Kazerne – Home of Design and Isola Design Gallery during Dutch Design Week 2022, and at Kazerne until February 2023. For the exhibitions I was partly financially supported by Stichting Stokroos and Pictoright.

Photo banner by Zindzi Zwietering, photo MINI by About Today